And at Last I See Eugene

Who are you, and how did you find me?

You are my new dream.

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Indie RP/ ask blog for Rapunzel from Disney's Tangled.

Tracking the tag: 'unconstantstars' Multishipper, OC friendly, fandom friendly.

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Mun does post or pre-movie, whichever you prefer, but usually it will be post-movie if I don't specify.

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Domestic starter sentences/a little fluffy - put one in my askbox for my muse’s reaction


  • "Can’t we just stay home today?"
  • "It’s 2 in the afternoon, we should really stop cuddling and get out of bed."
  • "Don’t answer it — it’s probably your boss and you’re mine today."
  • "You’re so cute when you’re sleepy."
  • "Welcome home, I made you dinner!"
  • "I accidentally brought a kitten home."
  • "Get your spoon out the bowl! There’ll be no cake mix left to make actual cakes with!"
  • "Let’s both take a day off on Wednesday and have a day out."
Domestic(ish) Sentences


  • "Mmm don’t answer it."
  • "Have you seen my shirt?"
  • "What’s the magic word…?"
  • "Have I told you how much I love you?"
  • "I can’t sleep."
  • "You still awake?"
  • "What are you thinking about?"
  • "Let’s stay in tonight."
  • "Should we skip the movie tonight?"
  • "I’ve been thinking about you all day…"
i really want a plot where muse a and muse b both go to a private school and muse a is really studious and innocent like never been kissed type thing and muse b got kicked out of their old school for for sleeping with a teacher and one day muse b sees muse a in the hall and is like ‘i’m gonna make it my mission to corrupt them’ and yeah 


Awwww you are too sweet Damien!

She’s acting all confident and cool but she’s all flustered and running hands through her hair uvu

Send a ‘ʘ‿ʘ’ if your muse finds my muse attractive.