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Who are you, and how did you find me?

You are my new dream.

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Indie RP/ ask blog for Rapunzel from Disney's Tangled.

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Ok, but have you considered...


  • The guy living below me has a really loud alarm clock that always wakes me up at the ass crack of dawn AU
  • I went to investigate a scream and found my neighbour standing on a chair to avoid a rat/cockroach/snake AU
  • My neighbour has a really squeaky bed and my bedroom is…


No other seats on the train/bus so they have to sit together.

Added fun: one falls asleep and their head falls on the other one’s shoulder.

PSA for followers

Hey y’all, I’m going to have a tiny hiatus for a few days, my grandma (I call her nanny) just died and I need to grieve. If y’all could send prayers for my family, it’d be much appreciated.

Thank you for reading